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Keynote Speaking

I believe in the transformative power of delight and its ability to awaken passion and enthusiasm, which nourish resiliant, fulfilled and joyous living.

Life's 'biggies' - loss and major illness need not crush or cripple. I've had breast cancer, major surgery, chemotherapy, was gloriously bald and still smiling.

Anyone who knew the 'worrywort' 16 year old who cried her way through VCE exams wouldn't have believed it possible. But it is.

Delight in every day - my motto - despite the alligators, piranhas or even turkeys that try to take you down.

I'm passionate about - Communication; Health; Education; Delight; Ethical living; and much more.

And I do like to entertain even when speaking on reasonably serious subjects. It's not all heavy duty stuff.

Some Topics

Simply the best - being and doing your best.

Irrepressibly you - nurturing resilience and inner strength and security; remaining true to self.

Communication - charm & disarm. Relate well and we all win.

Education - real teaching to elicit the best in each student.

Come alive and thrive - don't wait for things to 'get better'; make the most of life now.

And many more.

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